Saturday, August 21, 2010

So exausted

I have not been sleeping well at all lately: Between the deployment and trying to get comfortable because of being pregnant. It really is not awesome. I think it may be a good day for a nap later. The bathroom is clean, but i need to tidy up around the house. I'm sure I will soon. I think in order to get my butt in gear, i'll have to make a list and focus. I'm really lucky in that I've gotten to talk to Mike a lot lately. I'm not complaining. It's kind of hard to believe that its been almost two weeks. Time is slipping away thankfully. only about 17 weeks until my due date. I hope Evelyn comes relatively on time. I can't wait until it's me, mike and Evelyn. I have photos scheduled for late December after she's born! I can hardly wait for everything. She's going to be so beautiful. I've been keeping really active and walking a lot. Last night, she wedged herself into my side and wouldn't move when I was going on a hike. What a little stinker.

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