Friday, November 20, 2009

so frustrated.

It looks like I'll be the only one living in my new apartment. Mike got his orders and apparently, he's going to Korea and I'm staying here. He is the only one going, so it's kinda odd. I'm just going to roll with it. Everything will be fine.

On a brighter note, I'll be seeing him in 4 days for graduation. yay!!

I have no clue whats going to happen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

4 days and i'm gone to the airport

I am so very happy that I get to see Mike soon. I miss my husband so very much. I woke up and I had the sweetest voicemail. I love waking up to his voice. last night, we were arguing which is hard with him being 2800 miles away and both of us being super stubborn and never wanting to back down. I'm glad we worked things out. I know, no matter what happens, we will always work it out. We never go to bed angry...biggest rule. I am glad we can always work things out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I leave in 7 days for the airport.

I fly out at 5am pacific time. I'm so excited that I get to see Mike. I'll get into Atlanta at about 4pm est, and from there, it's another hour and 45 to Ft benning. When I get to GA, I'm going to check into my hotel and knock out. The next day, is family day so Mike's parents, his sister and her husband and his niece are all going to be there. Then it's graduation on the 25th. I have no clue if he is still going to jump school or not. If he doesn't go to jump school, then he will be going home with me. If he has jump school, then he will be home in time for Christmas. I am kinda stressing out on whether or not I can get a place. I think it's just the impatient part of me coming out. I know everything will work out, I just need to remember to breathe.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am so tired

So My surgery left a few nice scars but they should fade in time. There is one under my belly button and one inside it. I got a new phone and it's pretty nifty.

I get to see Mike in 19 days!!