Sunday, January 24, 2010

Less than 4 days until my birthday.

On the 28th, I'll be 21! whoot whoot I'll be legal at last. Mike left this morning for the field. He will be back on the 4th. It freaking sucks that I didn't get to spend Christmas this year with him this year, nor new years and I won't be spending my birthday with him, or our anniversary or his birthday this year because he'l' be in the field and Next year, he'll be deployed. Grrrrr. guess i'm done complaining. It's the army life so i'm just gonna suck it up.

Tonight i was over at the neighbor's house and we heard an explosion. The fire department and the MP's came rushing over. we (Michelle and I) thought a gas line exploded. Turns out, our of the drunkies who were over on Friday night had put a can of air in the freaking broiler. What stupid guys.

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