Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts
1.I tend to tear my food up.
2.I drink way too much coffee
3. I love my daughter just about more than anything
4.I love pumpkin pie!
5.the hair on my head is virgin hair
6. some crazy lady shaved my head when i went in for a haircut the day before my 17th birthday
7. I am terrified to drive on major roads/the highway but I do it when i have to out of neccesity
8. i wish i would have had a natural birth because of how late in my labor i had an epidural
9.I weigh less now than i did in middle school
10. just about everything my daughter eats, i make for her.
11.i suck at making friends.
12. I miss people actually calling
13.i'd rather sleep with my kiddo than my husband because she doesn't rock
14. i love to read
15. i love it when the planes take off.

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